Repair/Mod Services

For anyone interested, I am accepting repair work for Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Arcade, and NEC classic systems.

Examples of my work, featured on Classic Game Room:
Game Gear, Recapped, New Back Light and screen protector, with A/V Out:

Atari Lynx, recapped, cleaned and screen cover buffed out:

Services offered:

Sega Game Gear repairs/modifications:

Level 1: Replacement of all capacitors, including power and sound board:  $75

Level 2: Replacement of all capacitors, upgrade to LED backlighting:  $95

Level 3: Replace all capacitors, upgrade to LED backlighting, new glass screen cover:  $110

Level 4:  “The Works”  Replace all capacitors, upgrade to LED backlighting, new glass screen cover, add AV out mod:  $200

Options:  Replace missing battery covers:  $ 15 for a set.

Other Repair Services:

Atari Lynx, Capacitor Replacement.

Sega Genesis S-video and Composite Out.

Atari 5200 A/V and S-Video Out.

Atari 7800 A/V Out.

Sega Nomad LCD Replacement and Service.

If you would like your system serviced, you can email me: retro at or use the links above, or use the shop page.  I can also repair or modify Intellivision, Colecovision, and even look at repairing your!

If you have a special request, please e-mail me or fill out the form below:


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