Retro Atari Lynx

This page will detail retrofitting new electronics into an Atari Lynx V.1  The Lynx was the first RetroPie I completed, but for some reason, a project I have not documented.  The Lynx was from my childhood, my brother bought it new in 1989.  The Lynx is my favorite video game console.  I still have 2 working Lynx 2 units and 55 games. This Lynx, however, was quite dead with extensive water damage.

The first version started with a backup camera LCD.  Over the last 2 years, I have upgraded the battery and changed how you turn the unit off and on.

The feature that was a little disappointing was the LCD.  It used composite signals, but really lacked the clarity and razor sharp display.  The colors were a little muted as well.  There were many SPI based 3.5 inch LCD out there, but the performance is disappointing.  Finally, 2 years later, in 2017, a 3.5 inch HDMI display was being produced at a reasonable price.

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