Retrogame.cyberphreak.com is dedicated to the preservation, repair, and modification of video game systems and the creation and modification of controllers for undeserved systems.

This site also the personal site for David Nelson; I repair, create, and modify systems as a hobby.  My goal is to not compete again others who need the income as their livelihood.  My prices are based on $50/hour rate+Parts.  I want to keep this site as a hobby, my career as an electronics engineer more than provides for my family.   If you need fast repairs, this is not the site for you 🙂

If you contact this site, it will not be to an faceless person, I try to learn and form a good relationship with everyone who contacts me.   I try to keep it light and let you know if I run into problems.  Anything can happen with 30+ year old systems!  If you would like to donate a system, or just can’t afford to have a system worked on, don’t be afraid to ask, I can help.

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