Inflation and Update

Sadly, due to cost increases in the parts, I had to increase the 5200 controller conversion to $119. The main component, the Jaguar controller, has increased quite a bit.

I am also working on a from scratch, analog controller for the 5200, using my new benchtop CNC. Hopefully, this will be a similar price point. I hope to be testing in a few weeks.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year to everyone! I am still making 5200 controllers. I am trying to stay away from getting back into any major mod work, but if you have anything really interesting, you can contact me via the Request a Quote Page or e-mail me at retro at cyberphreak dot com.

I have been working on trying to come up with a drive/cart dump solution to the Tiger Learning Computer, but this little sucker is just fighting me.

Ahh, the Tiger Learning Computer

I am learning a lot, but still not where I want to be. I am cutting plain copper right now to make a proper card extender. The original did not work.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year and we get past the troubles we have been living through for the past 2 years.

-David Nelson

June 2021 Updates

Turns out my poor MySQL server was just overtaxed with the Woo Commerce plugin that used to run my commerce, since I pared down to 1 product, the Atari 5200 controller, it was just overkill anyway, so now I just have a simple cart. My apologies to anyone who has tried to order, I am not sure how long it was messed up. I always keep at least one controller in stock, but even if I have to order parts, it takes less than a week.
I am keeping up with my What’s On My Workbench over on Youtube, where I had a chance to play with a A’can from 1995!

Happy retro gaming everyone!


It is will heavy heart I have to simplify what services I offer.  To be honest, this is a long time coming, I am just burnt out from the repair and mod work, work is the key here.  This all started out as a hobby but it has slowly become my only hobby and miss being able to explore other parts of my life and ends up feeling like work.  I work full time and I just don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with the large variety of modifications and repairs.  I appreciate everyone’s patronage, but for my own sanity, I am simplifying to providing Atari 5200 controllers and Sega Nomad battery pack modifications.  I may take on a project of it really interests me and if you have a lot of patience, but all the day to day capacitor replacements and the like just are taking too much of what little personal time I have left.  Again, I appreciate all the people who believe in me, but I need to explore my other passions like watch collecting, collecting Palm Pilots, and photography.  Thank you everyone and the Jaguar to 5200 controller is here to stay.

-David Nelson

Latest Creation

In addition to modding systems and making controllers, I like to make my own retro systems.

Introducing the Konix RCP-2000   RCP is for Retro Computing Platform.

I used a Raspberry Pi 3 A+, 5V power supply and a 4400mAh (11.4V) battery to make this a dual power system.  It even has stereo sound.

I went with wood grain and wireless SNES style controllers.  Enjoy!