2021 looking forward

Looking forward, retro tech:

As you can tell, I have been moving away from taking outside projects and working more on my own retro systems.  As I have said before, I want to take more time for projects that have been waiting in the wings for a long time.

What’s coming soon:

  • Tiger Game.com retrofit a color screen and Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 based super retro system.
  • Repair Coleco Adam.
  • Repair? Atari Lynx 1 retro system.
  • Repair Atari Lynx II flex circuit for controller.
  • McWill GameGear LCD replace?  For brother.
  • Use donor Lynx II system, use part from the Lynx I?  Have not decided yet which way to go.
  • Design and test Jaguar to Colecovision controller.

Way out projects:

  • Put x64 but small computer into a ‘luggable’ case?
  • Play with RGB/Composite to USB convertor

Way Way out/Slightly Off Topic:

  • Palm Pilot and PocketPC/Windows CE video reviews.
  • iMac retrofit?  I have an old G3 Ruby, not sure if I should gut or replace the hard drive.  Not the most useful system at this time.

Lots and lots to do, and I have to honest, I am enjoying working on my own projects again.  All that remains for external projects, I have an Action Replay battery replacement and the Tiger Learning Computer card to reader adapter, so not a lot on my plate there.

Look forward to many projects, repairs, and videos on my workbench.