Atari 5200 Controller (Jaguar Controller Conversion)


Atari Jaguar to 5200 controller conversion.  3 controllers in stock.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Now you can buy the Atari Jaguar to 5200 controller conversion!

As shown in the video above, this is a a classic Atari Jaguar controller, converted to be used with the Atari 5200.  This conversion uses fixed resistors, so no need for adjusting potentiometers.  The controller works well with about 95% of the games for the 5200.  You can enjoy a modern, digital controller with a 10′ cord.

Hand assembled in the USA by an electronics engineer.

As a note to Canadian customers, shipping costs are calculated correctly now, all items purchased after November 16, 2019 will have a $16.50 shipping fee.

-2 controller in stock,   I try to keep 2 to 3 on hand at all times, but postal delays can result in back orders.

Jaguar to 5200 Controller

Actual Photo of Jaguar to 5200 controller.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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8 Responses to Atari 5200 Controller (Jaguar Controller Conversion)

  1. Hi David, I hope you are doing well. Just a friendly reminder that I am interested in your analog Jag 5200 controller. No rush, when you are ready 🙂
    You may get some additional orders for your D-pad Jag 5200 controller as I have shared mine with our 5200 Podcast listeners. Hopefully that will drum up some extra business for you. When you get a chance just say Hi, so I know you got my message, thanks.

    • admin says:

      Still working on the analog controller, just not happy with the performance in some games (Rescue on Fractulus and Gyruss) so it is still a work in progress.
      Looking at your thread over on Facebook, I see many of my customers have chimed in on the Jaguar to 5200 conversion. For digital games, it really can’t be beat.

  2. Paul E Holbrook says:

    Hey boss I just can’t afford $180 for two controllers. I have two of them… If I mailed them would u mod them??

  3. Paul E Holbrook, Jr says:

    I have two Jaguar controllers how much would it cost for you to transfer them???

  4. Patrick Bolton says:

    Thanks for the controller! Works perfectly on Defender and Pengo, but I couldn’t get it to work Properly on Vanguard and Qix. Really wish I could get it working on Vanguard, it’s practically unplayable with the original controllers!

    • admin says:

      Glad you like the controller. I have not tried on Vanguard, I have be toying with a two concepts: A digital controller with an analog lag (using adjustable capacitors), or a full analog version. I have not had that much luck with the analog version, but I ordered parts last night to continue my research . Vanguard will defiantly be at the top of my list for testing, along with my personal favorite, Rescue on Fractulus. The digital with analog lag version would emulate the time it takes to move from center to hard stop ~250 to 500ms. The controller would have a mode switch, pure digital and analog emulation. If I figure something out that I like, I’ll post a video.
      Some of those games really want an actual analog control, silly Atari.

      • Patrick Bolton says:

        Cool! Vanguard just seems to get confused with directions. It will go down once then after you go up it doesn’t want to go down again, it thinks down is up. And the same with left and right.

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