June 2021 Updates

Turns out my poor MySQL server was just overtaxed with the Woo Commerce plugin that used to run my commerce, since I pared down to 1 product, the Atari 5200 controller, it was just overkill anyway, so now I just have a simple cart. My apologies to anyone who has tried to order, I am not sure how long it was messed up. I always keep at least one controller in stock, but even if I have to order parts, it takes less than a week.
I am keeping up with my What’s On My Workbench over on Youtube, where I had a chance to play with a A’can from 1995!

Happy retro gaming everyone!

2021 looking forward

Looking forward, retro tech:

As you can tell, I have been moving away from taking outside projects and working more on my own retro systems.  As I have said before, I want to take more time for projects that have been waiting in the wings for a long time.

What’s coming soon:

  • Tiger Game.com retrofit a color screen and Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 based super retro system.
  • Repair Coleco Adam.
  • Repair? Atari Lynx 1 retro system.
  • Repair Atari Lynx II flex circuit for controller.
  • McWill GameGear LCD replace?  For brother.
  • Use donor Lynx II system, use part from the Lynx I?  Have not decided yet which way to go.
  • Design and test Jaguar to Colecovision controller.

Way out projects:

  • Put x64 but small computer into a ‘luggable’ case?
  • Play with RGB/Composite to USB convertor

Way Way out/Slightly Off Topic:

  • Palm Pilot and PocketPC/Windows CE video reviews.
  • iMac retrofit?  I have an old G3 Ruby, not sure if I should gut or replace the hard drive.  Not the most useful system at this time.

Lots and lots to do, and I have to honest, I am enjoying working on my own projects again.  All that remains for external projects, I have an Action Replay battery replacement and the Tiger Learning Computer card to reader adapter, so not a lot on my plate there.

Look forward to many projects, repairs, and videos on my workbench.

Twitter and Facebook Update

I no longer have a Facebook account and deleted my personal twitter account.  If you want to contact me, my retrogame twitter handle is @CyberphreakCom

I am also on Instagram, but you will see lots of photos of watches, lomography,  and my dog on there as well.

You can always email me at retro at cyberphreak.com or request a quote, or shop directly.


Father Passing

On June 28th, my dad passed away.  His funeral was on July 2nd, 2018.  I will be taking a little time off before getting back into repairs/mods.  I have e-mailed all of my current customers and will let everyone know when I will be starting up again.  That last 7 weeks have been really hard on me and my family, and I thank everyone for your patience.  Rest assured, all of your hardware is being safely stored.  I find I make too many mistakes with all of this grief, so I want to have a steady set of hands and clear mind before I start again.


-David Nelson


Sad news

6 weeks ago, my mother in law passed away, today, June 23-24, 2018, my father suffered a heart attack.  He is on a respirator in the hospital, with the doctors and nurses doing everything they can to keep him alive and avoid any more brain damage.  I saw him, after waiting 10 hours.  I wish I didn’t have to see him that way.  While I was waiting, I tried to let my customers know that projects will be delayed, but if I missed you, please know that be back at working on this hobby that I love.  With the passing of my mother in law, working on these projects really helped me forget about the sadness a while, and no matter what happens, I will continue on.  Please be patient and all of your hardware is safely stored until I take care of my family. Any thoughts, well wishes, and prayers for my father, Ronald, will be deeply appreciated.

With deepest sincerity,

David Nelson

The cost of a trade war

As many of you know, there is almost certainly going to be a trade war with China, with a 25% tariff on Chinese electronics coming into the United States being proposed.  If this comes to pass, I will be forced to increase prices on nearly all the of parts used with my modifications.  Nearly all of the parts, with the exception of capacitors, come from China.  I charge cost pricing on all parts used, so any increase will reflected in the new price.  I do not pad my parts costs, so I can not absorb this additional cost and am forced to pass it on to my loyal customers.  For that, I am very frustrated.  If I have to do this, I am sure 1,000 other modders out there will have to do the same.  It truly is a shame.

I will attempt to update prices as they change, I may have to send an updated invoice for any order placed, which will only reflect my parts cost, the cost of labor will remain the same.  

I just hope these foolish actions don’t stall the economy as a whole and lead to another Great Recession.

-David Nelson