Terms and Conditions

Cyberphreak Enterprises evaluates all units sent for upgrades and repairs.  If a system is found to have excessive damage due to water, liquids, leaking batteries, or other mechanical damage, the buyer will be informed and the item will be returned and payment refunded minus 15% evaluation fee.

  • The buyer will acknowledge that any system sent for repair or upgrade can be damaged due to the age of the electronics.
  • All ESD precautions will be followed in the repair of systems, but 30+ year old electronics can fail when exposed to the heat of soldering tools.
  • All repair services have a 90 day warranty.
  • All modded controllers have a 90 day warranty.
  • All units sent for repair are photographed before, during, and after repair.  A copy of the repair photos can be sent at no charge.
  • All removed components will be disposed of unless specifically requested for return.

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