Atari 5200 Controller (Jaguar Controller Conversion)

This is the Atari Jaguar to 5200 controller. The current version is v.2.1, which has been individually adjusted to be at dead center at rest, has an improved strain relief and user adjustable potentiometers. Works with most but not all games. From my testing, it works with about 95% of all games, the least playable is Star Wars: The Arcade Game, but just about everything else works perfectly or at least very playable. I embedded a video of me testing some games below to give you an idea of how the controller works.

I currently have parts for 1 in stock, July 6, 2023. If I run out of stock, it takes about a week to get new parts in. If I need to build new, it takes 2 to 3 days, otherwise, will ship next day.

The cord is 10′ long, high quality, and brand new. Hand made and tested in USA. $119 + actual shipping to the US.

Jaguar to 5200 Controller

Actual Photo of Jaguar to 5200 controller.

Atari 5200 Controller (Jaguar Controller Conversion) Customer Supplied Controller

Now you can buy the Atari Jaguar to 5200 controller conversion!

As shown in the video above, this is a a classic Atari Jaguar controller, converted to be used with the Atari 5200.  This conversion uses fixed resistors, so no need for adjusting potentiometers.  The controller works well with about 95% of the games for the 5200.  You can enjoy a modern, digital controller with a 10′ cord.

Hand assembled in the USA by an electronics engineer.

As a note to Canadian customers, shipping costs are calculated correctly now, all items purchased after November 16, 2019 will have a $16.50 shipping fee.

This pricing is for customer supplied controllers!

Jaguar to 5200 Controller

Actual Photo of Jaguar to 5200 controller.

Game Gear Level 1 Repair

This is a level 1 repair of a Sega Game Gear.  It is replacement of all capacitors, including power and sound board.  $99.

All repairs include basic cleaning.  Unit will be inspected before repairs are started.  Units with water damage or damage due to leaking batteries may be beyond economical repair and will be returned.  This is for service only, not a complete system.

Sega Genesis Recap And Repair

For this service, all electrolytic capacitors and Reset Switch will be replaced and the Genesis will be tested.  Cartridge slot will be cleaned.

Simple $99 fee + shipping and handling.


Sega Nomad Service LiPo Battery

This service modifies the Sega Nomad battery pack, the original AA batteries or NiMH (if you have a rechargeable pack) will be replaced by high capacity Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, with USB charging.  Customer to supply packs to be modified.