Atari 5200 True Analog Controller Classic


True analog controller for the Atari 5200. classic phone style keypad.

Available on backorder

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The long wait is over, a true, all analog controller.  No digital hardware, no conversion, just pure analog goodness.  Works with ALL 5200 games that require 1 controller.  Ambidextrous design, along with a Atari 5200 aesthetic, even down to the joystick.  Hand assembled in the USA.  This is the initial production run, be the first to try a new controller for the 5200. Due to high demand, I am already on back-order, but I will fulfill as quickly as possible.

Update for 4/6/2024:

Just had an another influx of orders, if you ordered showing in stock, will ship in less than a week.  For back-order, parts will take 10-15 days to arrive.


If you watched this video, which was NOT sponsored in any way, you may be interested in the ‘overlay’ version of the controller:

If you ordered is version, just drop me a note at and I can update your order to reflect which one you want.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
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