A few years back I made the Konix RCP1 (Retro Computing Platform V1), which is a joystick with a Raspberry Pi inside.  For this year, I made something a little different, a new console that is portable (battery powered) or can run off A/C.  Behold, the Konix RCP-2000!


This time around I went with beige and wood trim. I also went with wireless SNES controllers for the default/when I am out a friend’s and families’ homes.  You can see on the front, it has 4 USB ports, on the rear, HDMI with optical and RCA audio out.  When the RCP-2000 is plugged in, it automatically charges the very large internal Lithium Polymer battery. It was a pack that was meant to jump start a car, so it should last a LONG time in regular play.  I also used a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ which only has 1 USB port, instead of 4, and no ethernet port, but I didn’t need either and it tiny as well.  I was happy with the wireless controllers, but I wanted something fun for home use, so I went with arcade controllers using the identical enclosure and wood grain I had left.

The arcade controller look and feel great and my son and I played for a couple of hours pretty darn comfortably.  I like American style teardrop joysticks with Japanese style curved button layouts.  The Coin and 1 or 2 player button are just what you need to hours of arcade fun.

Corona Virus Update 5/24/2020

As you know, the Corona Virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading across the planet, straining supply chains and generally freaking everyone out.  Parts that I do need will take longer to get in, but are still available.   Shipping times are 2 to 4 times longer than is typical before the pandemic.

Stay safe everyone and I am still down in my basement, replacing capacitors, modding retro video game systems, and making videos.  All of the of modifications that I can perform with the parts I have on hand are now showing in stock and all of my usual suppliers are still shipping.  Thank you everyone for your continued business, I appreciate it.

-David Nelson

Latest Creation

In addition to modding systems and making controllers, I like to make my own retro systems.

Introducing the Konix RCP-2000   RCP is for Retro Computing Platform.

I used a Raspberry Pi 3 A+, 5V power supply and a 4400mAh (11.4V) battery to make this a dual power system.  It even has stereo sound.

I went with wood grain and wireless SNES style controllers.  Enjoy!