A few years back I made the Konix RCP1 (Retro Computing Platform V1), which is a joystick with a Raspberry Pi inside.  For this year, I made something a little different, a new console that is portable (battery powered) or can run off A/C.  Behold, the Konix RCP-2000!


This time around I went with beige and wood trim. I also went with wireless SNES controllers for the default/when I am out a friend’s and families’ homes.  You can see on the front, it has 4 USB ports, on the rear, HDMI with optical and RCA audio out.  When the RCP-2000 is plugged in, it automatically charges the very large internal Lithium Polymer battery. It was a pack that was meant to jump start a car, so it should last a LONG time in regular play.  I also used a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ which only has 1 USB port, instead of 4, and no ethernet port, but I didn’t need either and it tiny as well.  I was happy with the wireless controllers, but I wanted something fun for home use, so I went with arcade controllers using the identical enclosure and wood grain I had left.

The arcade controller look and feel great and my son and I played for a couple of hours pretty darn comfortably.  I like American style teardrop joysticks with Japanese style curved button layouts.  The Coin and 1 or 2 player button are just what you need to hours of arcade fun.

Corona Virus Update 5/24/2020

As you know, the Corona Virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading across the planet, straining supply chains and generally freaking everyone out.  Parts that I do need will take longer to get in, but are still available.   Shipping times are 2 to 4 times longer than is typical before the pandemic.

Stay safe everyone and I am still down in my basement, replacing capacitors, modding retro video game systems, and making videos.  All of the of modifications that I can perform with the parts I have on hand are now showing in stock and all of my usual suppliers are still shipping.  Thank you everyone for your continued business, I appreciate it.

-David Nelson

Latest Creation

In addition to modding systems and making controllers, I like to make my own retro systems.

Introducing the Konix RCP-2000   RCP is for Retro Computing Platform.

I used a Raspberry Pi 3 A+, 5V power supply and a 4400mAh (11.4V) battery to make this a dual power system.  It even has stereo sound.

I went with wood grain and wireless SNES style controllers.  Enjoy!

Twitter and Facebook Update

I no longer have a Facebook account and deleted my personal twitter account.  If you want to contact me, my retrogame twitter handle is @CyberphreakCom

I am also on Instagram, but you will see lots of photos of watches, lomography,  and my dog on there as well.

You can always email me at retro at cyberphreak.com or request a quote, or shop directly.